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Why Have Mentoring / Supervision?

How can you approach your
practice filled with
confidence, skills, energy and
inspiration, year after year?

“If all our attention is directed firmly towards our practice, then we can accumulate a back-log of unmet needs and work-related issues.
If these are left un-dealt with they undermine our sense of ourselves as competent practitioners. As practitioners we offer our patients guidance, support and encouragement it seems a good idea to offer it to ourselves.”

– Isobel Cosgrove

What do you need that you’re
not getting to help you be the
best that you can be?

“…listen with the delicate balance of a quiet meditative mind and an open loving heart. This work of listening must be done by all of us, the living and the dying, the healers and the patients. Our service to each other must be rooted in just this work on ourselves.”

– Ram Dass
(Preface to Stephen Levine p ix ‘Who Dies?’)

Mentoring/Supervision is a time to consider the needs of the practitioner:

It offers a facilitating environment in which the practitioner reconnects with excitement; develops communication skills; forms networks of support; enhances confidence and self-esteem; and increases the effectiveness of their practice. And most of all, it is about what you want it to be….

It is an opportunity to focus on professional and
personal issues that arise in practice.

    These may include:

  • building up a practice
  • money issues
  • roles and boundaries
  • emotional responses to patients/clients (e.g.“difficult” patients)
  • relationships with other practitioners and health professionals
  • burn out
  • time management
  • ethics & professional issues
  • changes—managing them
  • or anything else you want to talk about

Supervision/Mentoring is available for groups or individuals
There are no more than six members per group and we meet at regular intervals by mutual agreement, either face to face or via google hangouts


Individual sessions are for 1 hour at regular intervals
by mutual agreement.

Cost: £45 per hour individuals
£45 per person group work

Please contact me for more information,
if you are interested in a free trial session
or have any questions.

I and other group members are happy to talk
about the experience of being in a
supervision/mentoring group, and how it can
enrich and enhance us as individuals as well as
our professions.